Monday, June 29, 2009

Helping Hands!!

Dear All friends and well wishers from all over the world!

It’s our pleasure to let you know that we all together have been able to send 90 children to school this year. children having single/no parents, from marginalized communities and disadvantaged groups have been supported by providing them required stationery goods, uniforms and other related equipments. A small support from all of us has collectively and significantly contributed to provide the basic livelihood opportunities to these most disadvantaged and deserving children of remote mountain villages of Rasuwa.
At least we can expect to see these little ones having better life and better livelihood opportunities in future with the base of education. Still thousands of children of school age are out of school. Even if we can not support all of them, even if we can not change the less effective teaching system of the country, even if we can not bring the warmth of motherly affection into the life of orphans, still we can do something for them. A small support from all of us either idea, time or money collectively becomes a huge support for the small target groups and becomes a meaningful project as we did.
I am sure everyone who helped us directly or indirectly is feeling proud of what he/she did and will be feeling the “Joy of Giving”.
I would like to thank all of our well wishers and supporters for their valuable contribution. Without their support, our project would not have been succeeded. We will be expecting your same contribution and same enthusiasm in upcoming days too.

Special Thanks goes to the following for their extensive effort and contribution in raising funds to make this year’s project possible.

Nara-Sasha and team (fund raised from Australia and England): 60 scholarships ASBL, Liege, Belgium: 25 scholarships

Purushottam Joshi, Korea: 5 scholarships

For helping to bring light of education in the life of all those LITTLE PRINCE & PRINCES,

On the behalf of organizer, Kishan Devkota

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lets send some more kids to School in 2009!!

As final month in the Nepali Calendar has been seen in the wall, I have got busy days preparing myself for keeping some kids at the school and trying to send some more poor kids of remote mountain villages of Nepal to the school who have not got opportunity of education due to extreme hunger, poverty and so many other reasons.
Time has been arrived to put our effort to help them to go to school and continue their study. Education will eventually provide them best livlihood opportunities in the future. Our small effort will bring new colourul days in the life of those less fortunate and disadvantaged kids from the marginalised and remote communities.
Lets save small amount of money despite global recession in the economy and put our collective effort which will help us to hit the network of so many contemporary issues of mountain villages of Nepal.
To support us for this mission, Please visit and try to make small donations. Lets feel the "Joy of Giving"!!!!

Photo:- by Laura

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My village in Google Earth

This is the picture of my village taken through Google Earth.

Monday, July 28, 2008

American in Maoist Flag?

It was the first day of CA meeting. I took this photos in Babarmahal as an Amerian man was holding a red flag of Maoist and was supporting them crying for slogans. It was a sort of strange scence for me so took photo of him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Political Dispute Continues

people had an imagination of the peace and democracy after CA elction but the events prove that this country is not going to be in the correct way. I am frustrated with my own life, I am frustrated with my own system, I am frustrated with my own Govt. and I am frustrated with my own destiny. Nothing good can happen to this country. It look like this, what a shame!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Education for all!!

It was another joy to distribute scholarship to more than 70 children this year too. I wish no any kids left school just because their family can not afford for their education. Thanks to everyone from Slovenia, Australia, England, Belgium, who supported us to send many children to school. I specially would like to thank Nara from Australia, Sasha from England, Mojca and Zhenda from Slovenia, Ganesh-Himal Team from Belgium. (Last Photograph by: Laura O'Neill)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Next monsoon; the next trouble!

I still remember those hard days to the people who were displaced by landslide in 2006. Life under a big rock was not less then the human life in stone age. Monsoon season is coming soon and of course more troubles with it. Lets hope and pray, nothing wrong will happen to these poor and disadvantaged people this year.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Use free time in productive work

This lady has a shop. She works with these stuffs when she does not have customer at shop. Even if she is illiterate, she seems to properly utilize her time in productive way. She can be a good example for the people who live in city and have free time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Village Eco-Tourism in Jhyanglang Village

“Aama, may I help you with Kitchen work?”, Mojca, a 21 years old girl from Slovenia asks mother of host family with respect and in reply mother smiles and shakes her head saying “of course”. In Jhyanglang village of Rasuwa near Kalikasthan, rural village eco-tourism has started already with few European tourists to watch traditional culture of Hindus and Buddhist. Mojca enjoyed her 3 nights and 2 days cooking tea for family, cutting grass, doing some kitchen work and having experience with the traditional music and culture.
Child Club ( have established a child library and cultural centre with the help of tourists and special support from ASBL, Belgium. “It can be a good way to improve local economy and specially for the children, this can be a good source of income through which they can do a lot of things”, 45 years old French Kacem Tuoak says.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stop Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking!!

Still so many women are being suffered from domestic violence and girls have been trafficked to feed prostitution network. Voice to eliminate the unfair gender discrimination practice has been raised but still there are thousands of discrimination cases around our area.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deusi –Vailo as a Fundraiser Event

In rural Nepal, Deusi-Vailo (a cultural musical event specially performed in Dipawali festival) program is well performed every year by group of kids, adolescents and by adults. People visit houses with the musical event and the households are supposed to give some money, rice, sel roti (special ring-shaped bread made from rice floor, sugar in oil) and fruits. In this way people raise money and entertain others. Nowadays, it has been a fundraiser event for clubs and other social groups. This year, our sister concern New Horizon Children’s Club organised Deusi-Vailo program to raise fund for a child library in village. Money to buy furniture has been received from ASBL, Belgium. So we are trying to gather money to buy textbooks, child magazines and other stuffs that could be useful for kids.
We (ECWZ Nepal and NHCC) raised about 10000 NC from Deusi-Vailo, which is good. We slept only 3 hours for 3 days of the festival. This year’s Dipawali Festival was for Child Library. No cards, no cinema, no family gathering but only Deusi-Vailo. I wish to see a child library before I start my master’s degree uni classes. We have another street drama project originally granted by Action Aid. We hope to save some money to give it to child club to buy more library stuffs. ECWZ Nepal has started Child Initiative through Children’s Club. This type of program will help children to build up their capacity and will make them responsible to their family, community and country.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Children’s Club, to make positive difference in community

Kabita Devkota, Treasurer of the New Horizon Children’s Club (NHCC), has been the busiest girl in village. Studying in grade 9 at Nilakantha Model Secondary School, wakes up early as she needs to help her parents cooking food and for other household works. Apart from her home works, she has big responsibility of running her children’s club. She was a shy girl up to last year but now she has been one of the active leaders in her team and in school. She is a dancer as well, who has learnt the ancient dance called Balan and some modern dance also. Children’s club has built her confidence and capacity. Another girl Chameli lives with her married sister as her brother-in-law is in Malaysia for employment. She needs to help her sister doing all the works in home, attending school classes and providing time for Children’s Club. Ramchandra, studying at Grade 10 and the President of the Club is now advocating for the Child Rights and other issues regarding children and is a good actor in street dramas. Through this club, children are supporting the organisations and other groups in the community to ensure their welfare. Within one year of their establishment, NHCC has been more effective and more powerful than any Women’s Group and consumer club of their area. Highly inspired and self-motivated children around 200 from more than 7 villages are trying to establish themselves as an ideal child club in the country. They have started child initiatives as they think they are “Children to make difference”. Through this type of Child Club, children can develop their skills and capacity as well as they can develop the feeling of responsibility and belongingness among the children for their family, community and country.
New Horizon Children's Club (NHCC)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vote for Mount Everest!!!

whoever you are and wherever you live, if you love Nepal, please do vote for Sagarmatha National park (Mount Everest Area) as the one of the seven Natural wonder of the World! I truly believe that million people will love to see Mount Everest as one of the seven Natural wonders of the world!!!

Please nominate Sagarmatha National Park as the Seventh Natural Wonders of the world Please nominate Sagarmatha National Park as the Seventh Natural Wonders of the world. The closing date for nomination is Aug 8, 2008. For nomination please log on to :

How to nominate?

Please follow the following instruction.

For Nomination Please type Sagarmatha Park, Nepal
For Categories Please choose Nature Conservation Park
For Country Please choose Nepal
Please note that you will receive an email with hyperlink to confirm your nomination. You just need to click on the hyperlink to confirm your voting. Note: You can submit up to a maximum of 7 nominations or just 1 nomination. Your vote can establish the glory and pride of Sagarmatha and create million dollar publicity for Nepal. Thank you vote your support. The nominations will continue through 08.08.08. Then a panel of experts will create a list of 21candidates from which voters worldwide will elect the 7 wonders of nature. (Source :

Friday, September 28, 2007

Amazing Syafrubesi

Photo : Hem Khatiwada (Pic.1) and Cliff Clohessey
We had a great time while we were at Syafrubesi for trekking. Warm hospitality at Hotel Sky, Syafrubesi and amazing view from view tower Goljung made our trip wonderful. Lakpa Tamang of Hotel Sky became a perfect guide for us!! I love Syafrubesi!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gosainkund Mela Begins

Gosainkund (also known as holy frozen lake) is going to be full of humans there year too. After next week, people from different part of the country will start pilgrimage trek of Gosainkund as that time will be the festival time for the Hindus and Buddhists.

These small cottages are called "Tharpu", as hotels are not enough to provide facility to more than 25000 people within a week. Devotees believe that if they dip once into the lake, they can get rid of all the sins and crimes they have ever committed in their life. Washing away sins means washing bad attitudes, washing bad intentions and bad thought....

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pain of the Landslide

Rasuwa has been highly suffering from landslide. There are several big landslide throughout the district. Development process has been interrupted due to natural disaster. Millions of rupee has been spent for the solution of this issue but still people have been suffering from the same problem. This is the landslide of Dhobi khola (near kalikasthan), which has seperated villages of south east of Rasuwa from the main market Kalikasthan. Thousands of people need to cross this landslide daily to carryout their day to day work. Students, farmers, Govt. employees and other people walk through this landslide every day. Ke garne????


It was a great time at Sahid Smarak, Hetauda!!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Five Days in Hetauda

After jumping into a TATA SUMO, I realised that our training was completed. We never got chance to think about anything else except training and other related matters. Five days training was effective and I enjoyed it very much. Although it was my first time to be participated in such kind of training, I did not leave a single opportunity to unfold my capacity and my deep interest in learning.
We were 33 people from 11 districts, and most of the participants lived together in a same building. That's why within short period we became close friends and the best thing was all of us were from top level of each organisation. We shared our ideas, tried to get resolution of each other's issue and enjoyed whole time as we used to sleep only 3 hours a day!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Global Warming, an emerging issue

ECWZ organized a speech competition on the occasion of World Environment Day 2007. Prizes were sponsored by Langtang National Park / WWF Nepal. Topic was “Melting Ice, a hot topic”